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  • I am not creative at all and have little experience with drawing. Is creative coaching something for me?
    Yes! You don't need to have any experience with materials for the coaching part. It really isn't about the result. Creative Coaching serves to discover hidden layers in yourself and to seek depth in yourself in a fun, playful way. However, if you really want to learn to draw or experiment with materials, you can see if you like something in the workshops. It is possible to participate at any level. Just want to experiment and play with color is all you need.
  • Can we request a tailor-made workshop for groups?
    It is possible to organize a targeted creative activity for your organization or company. I will then listen to your wishes and then I can fully tailor the workshop to your expectations. You will be amazed at what a session can do as team building. The workshop can take place in the studio or at your company. The possibilities are endless and that's why it's better to call to see what I can offer you as a group. If there are people with certain allergies to certain materials, an alternative can be provided.
  • Is it possible to follow a workshop privately?
    There are many possibilities to work around creativity. Most workshops are in groups, but there is sufficient attention for everyone personally. If you want to follow a workshop privately, please contact me and I'll see what your specific question is and what I can offer you. Feel free to drop by the studio to find out whether the space can be inspiring for you! I always like it when people visit my workshop for a chat and a look at my world.
  • I can already draw very well but I don't know what to make. Do you know ways to boost my creativity?
    It is a known problem among artistic people to be blocked from time to time. So it is very normal to experience this. If you are in a so-called 'art-block', a coaching session or workshop is one of the possibilities to give you a boost. A session like this can broaden your view, provide new energy and give you a great appetite to create. Looking at life from a different perspective can certainly continue in your artistic work.
  • I am allergic to a certain material, is this a problem?"
    Certainly not! Just send me an email with all the necessary info and I'll provide an alternative exercise so that you can still be creative. The range of materials is so large that everyone has a material that they enjoy working with.
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