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Welcome to the world of Kleurstof!

The place for your colorful personal development!

In the Kleurstof workshop you can:

Get back into balance

Connecting with who you really are

Working in depth with inner processes

Strengthen your qualities

Learn to look at yourself and the world without judgment and with gentleness


Don't know exactly how to put something into words?

Do you have difficulty during a session? You can let images speak without needing words! I question and guide you step by step in your process without judgment or interpretation. You literally shape what lives inside you and you learn to look at it with a soft, mild look.

Do you want to get out of your comfort zone?

'Because that's where the magic happens!' We all know that statement, but not everyone believes it because it is too often used incorrectly. You don't have to suddenly push yourself beyond your limits, but step by step you can reach your greatest potential under guidance. This can be done by taking on new challenges and I will help you find that. To what really suits you. I do this through creative tools with the aim of helping you grow!

Would you like to give yourself more structure and peace?

Have you been diagnosed with ADHD? That may well have come in a while. It may also have given you valuable insight into your superpower! However, do you not know exactly how to activate it? I will guide you through a process where you will achieve acceptance, peace and structure. I provide you with tools from mindfulness, creative coaching and the Solanto method to tackle the difficulties you experience with ADHD.

Are you looking for a way to connect yourself and others?

This can be done on the one hand by working on yourself, but also by creating unforgettable moments together. This is about making unique memories with a tangible souvenir of that moment. It can bring you closer to the people you share the breakfast table with every day or your colleagues with whom you work every day on a healthy business.

Can't find a cozy place to organize something yourself?

It can be difficult to find a room to organize a workshop or give a presentation to a group of people. In the Dye workshop you can find everything you need for a successful event. Sound, images and drinks are all provided for you so that you can focus on the people you bring together.

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Who am I?

If you pronounce the name Kristof, I already know that you know me!

Whether I know you or not, I would like to spend time with you.


In recent years I have immersed myself in man as a wonderful being. In my paintings and sculptures I study the body, which can appear so colorfully in all its diversity and outer beauty. With curves and sharp angles that are challenging to display from any other direction. With every pose you can tell a story of what lives inside the mind of man.


But the human brain is very good at hiding what is really going on. That's why I wanted to expand my knowledge about the inside. The powerful tools that I now have in my pocket through my studies can guide you in shaping your inner world. You don't have to have any artistic ambition or talent for this. I will guide you step by step through that process. I create a safe environment for you to experiment with materials and let go of all judgment about how you think something should be.

As a coach , I focus on developing your potential and achieving your goals. I then ask you questions from a positive and future-oriented attitude to challenge you to think in possibilities and implement them. This can be done in both your private and work life. Alone or with the entire family, but also at your workplace with all colleagues. My approach is solution-oriented, activating and focused on the future. The goal is to increase your awareness of your own thinking and actions, so that you gain better insight into your situation.

Here in the studio you will learn tools that you can immediately apply to tackle your life!

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Een voorbeeld van de aanschouwelijkheid van kunstzinnige therapie

Coaching and
Therapeutic work

Are you looking for

a profound and gentle way

to get to know yourself better?

-ADHD coaching

- Creative coaching

- Creative therapy

- No experience necessary

- Powerful tools

- Process-oriented

- One on one session

- Group sessions

Kleurrijke workshop soulbrush verbindend schilderen

Colorful Workshops
and Team Building

Do you want to gain a connecting and creative experience?

Alone, with friends or colleagues?

- Workshops

- Team building

- Business coaching

- Meet each other

- Connecting communication

- Part of the whole

- Intuitive painting

- Overcome your fear of the white page

De tuin van het Kleurstof Atelier in Adegem

Multipurpose Atelier
and Creation place

Are you looking for a place to...

an unforgettable memories

to create?

- Rental of space

- Organize yourself

- Exhibition


- Meetings

- Lectures

- Up to 40 people

- With outdoor bar

Reacties van cliënten en bezoekers

"I often find it difficult to put the right words to my feelings, but through creative therapy I have never been so close to them"


"I have never felt as comfortable in silence as I do with you"


"It's really fantastic how valuable the Soulbrush workshop was! We enjoyed it immensely and we are going home with a beautiful work"


"Wow, I have really gained some valuable insights here! What good guidance!"


"What a beautiful location! I was really surprised when I found such a cozy atmosphere behind the large hedge"


"Magic really happened here today!"


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"A dye is a substance to give a color to products.
Unlike a pigment, a dye has the wonderful ability
to adhere to some extent to the fabric to be dyed.
In addition, dyes are usually used in solution,
while pigments should remain undissolved."

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